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Moving 101: Pet Safety Moving day is here, your bags are packed, boxes loaded, and movers are en route. Everything seems to be going smoothly, then suddenly, you realize you can’t find Fido… More than 10 million pets go missing each year. A good number of those wander off while their families are preparing for a move. […]

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Installing a New Garage Door Can Give Your Home a Lift Despite its hanging in there through life’s ups and downs, it’s time to replace your garage door. A new garage door can improve the look of your entire home, but what should you expect to pay? Garage door installation — not including an opener […]

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Save on Granite Countertops and Rock Your Remodel Granite countertops, durable, high-fashion and low-maintenance, are stars in kitchen and bathroom remodels nationwide. And you don’t need to buy the most expensive granite to get stunning results in your home. Here’s what to know about granite counters, how much they will set you back, and tips […]

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5 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know Real estate can be confusing at first, largely due to the many different terms and phrases you have to know and understand. To make it a little easier to grasp, here’s a simple explanation of five common real estate terms. Pre-Approval Letter A pre-approval letter is a statement […]

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‘Boomerang’ Buyers Set to Surge Back Into Housing Market More than 7 million homeowners who suffered a foreclosure or short sale during the housing crisis are poised to become buyers again. Over the next eight years, nearly 7.3 million Americans who lost their homes in the housing crash will become creditworthy enough to buy again, […]

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You’ve put your house on the market. You had a great open house. And now you’ve gotten an offer – followed by three more. If you’re selling your home, you may find yourself in the position of having to choose between different offers. While this is often an enviable position to be in – who […]

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