Ramona Property Management

MJN Real Estate is a family owned and operated full service Brokerage and Property Management Company with over 20 years of experience. We serve the Ramona, Julian, East County Areas as well as all of San Diego County.

We regard each property we are involved with as uniquely different from any other property. We continuously focus on achieving above market rents, collecting all rental income (including any late or miscellaneous fees), and controlling variable costs such as maintenance, gardening and pool costs while maintaining your property in exceptionally good shape and caring for your property’s every need. With our management focus and strategy, we will maximize your investment while giving your property the attention and care it deserves.

Realize the strong financial rewards you will see with our aggressive marketing tactics and a Hands On style of property management.

Each service can be customized to your exact needs. MJN Real Estate can do it all for you or just support you.

Our Services:


•We have licensed real estate agents on staff to lease your property.
•We create and implement aggressive marketing and advertising strategies for your property at no charge to you.
•We show your property (usually on a daily basis) to perspective and qualified tenants.
•We ensure all credit applications are completely filled out for every adult applicant and compile and copy all relevant personal documentation.
•We run a credit, background and unlawful detainer (eviction) check at no charge to you.
•You set the terms. Pets? Lease Length? We fill your needs.
•We communicate all credit, background and unlawful detainer checks and proposed lease terms with you before any decisions are made, and ultimately The Decision Is Yours!
•We draft and execute the lease between you and your new tenant.
•We collect all monies in certified funds prior to giving any individual possession of your property.
•As the Property Owner, you do not incur any costs until your property is rented!
•We give you a clear and easy to read accounting statement of all income and expenses.
•You have immediate staff availability as you go through the process.
•Most importantly, our goal is always to get well, qualified tenants at above market rental rates, and we do it quickly.
•All our services and expertise are performed for a one time leasing fee to you of one half of the first months rent for a one year lease.


•Monthly rent collection.
•Frequent property and tenant interaction, supervision and inspection.
•Serve any property notice: 3 Day Notice To Pay Rent or Quit, Notice of Change in
•Terms of Tenancy, Notice to Quit, Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit, etc.
•Upon the unlikely event of an eviction, we are experts. We manage the entire process.
•24-hour management of all maintenance and emergency maintenance service provided (actual maintenance work is a separate cost to the Owner).
•Payment of all property bills (mortgages, property taxes, insurances, vendors etc.).
•Deposit your money every month directly into your personal account, if requested.
•Provide monthly property financial statements.
•Financial budgeting and monitoring of monthly expenses.
•Outside vendor supervision.
•Involvement with any potential buyers, bank refinancing, etc.
•All leasing fees are separate from property management fees.
•Management Fee: Negotiable depending on level of service.
Our creative style, our willingness to be flexible and our specific marketing focus produces results. We trust you will find our services both valuable and affordable.